Property Law

Commercial and Retail Leases

We act for both lessors and lessees whether individuals, businesses, corporations or not for profit organisations.

We are experienced in preparing, reviewing, negotiating and advising on both retail and commercial leases.

We further assist with:

  1. variation and/or amendment of lease terms;
  2. exercise of options;
  3. assignments of leases;
  4. surrendering leases; and
  5. removal of an expired registered lease.

Retail Shop Leases Act

We ensure compliance with the legislation and other requirements relevant to Retail Shop Leases including disclosure obligations of both lessors and lessees for new leases, renewals and assignments.

Commercial and Residential Conveyancing

Perusal of Contract & Drafting of Special Conditions

It is important to ensure you are aware of your rights prior to signing a contract. As part of our commitment to ensure your conveyance proceeds as smoothly as possible, we invite you to submit your contract for perusal prior to signing. Recent litigation makes it more important than ever to ensure that a Solicitor drafts special conditions and other clauses for your particular contract. Every party to a transaction has different needs and we can draw special conditions for the REIQ Contract to protect your rights. We can help you ensure that you understand the contract and any ramifications before you sign it.

Conveyance Process

Contact us if you are buying, selling or transferring your property.  The conveyance process begins with you entering into a contract and continues until settlement which is the final exchange of monies and documents. It is important that you comply with your legal obligations and that you understand your rights. A number of issues may arise throughout your conveyance such as:

  • other interests impeding the transfer,
  • issues in relation to building and pest conditions such as unapproved structures; and
  • incorrect names on the contract.

We assist you throughout the process by obtaining property searches, drawing the necessary documentation, liaising with your financier or outgoing mortgagee and arranging and attending settlement on your behalf.

Real Estate Appointment

Did you know:

  • That you may be liable to pay your Real Estate Agent commission in circumstances other than completion of the contract? or
  • that your Agent may be entitled to half of the termination penalty if your prospective Buyer terminates under the Cooling Off period?

Contact us to review your Real Estate Appointment so that you are aware of your rights prior to signing the contract.

We also attend to the following property matters:

  • Mortgages / Loan Agreements
  • Business Sales and Purchases including Management Rights
  • Developments
  • Subdivisions
  • Easement / Encroachment