Free Initial Consultation

QL Law LawyersIf a Will leaves you out or  you believe you have been inadequately provided for, or if there is no Will, we will review your circumstances in an initial 20 minute free consultation and advise you whether you are able to make a claim against the estate.

Accepting that many individuals are not in a financial position to be able to pay legal fees, Quadrio Lee Lawyers will undertake Court Proceedings for clients on a deferred fee basis. This means that should you not be able to afford to pay Legal Fees and after our initial consultation with you we are of the opinion that you have good prospects of succeeding in your Claim, Quadrio Lee Lawyers will defer requiring our fees to be paid until after the outcome of the litigation or settlement process. If Quadrio Lee Lawyers accepts you as a client on a deferred fee basis we will require you to cover outlays which should not exceed $5,000.00 over the term of the retainer.

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Our Mission

We believe that clients are best served by the prevention of legal problems through careful and thorough advice given prior to entering into any transaction, and aim to protect our clients from costly litigation preferring to counsel exploration of alternate dispute resolution processes.

Our continued success and growth has been achieved through commitment, vision, understanding and our ability to meet the individual needs of our clients to keep pace with changing times.